Claire Stibbe

Crime Thriller Author
Claire's Books
The Detective Temeke Crime Series
WINNER of the New Mexico/Arizona Award 

Claire Stibbe is an award winning author of the Detective Temeke Crime series. Winner of the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards and Silver Medalist for The Wishing Shelf Award.

She is also a reporter for Stand True 4 Blue, which features a Nationwide Newsletter dedicated to law enforcement, a supporter of the Victim Impact Program (domestic violence) and a member and graduate of the Citizen Police & BSCO Sheriff’s Academy. A former journalist and magazine editor, she lives in Albuquerque with her husband and son.

Find out more about Claire at Twitter and Instagram @CMTStibbe

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A dark, masterful, compelling story of obsession with great characterization that had me turning the pages at speed! ANGELA MARSONS, USA Today and NYTimes Bestselling Author of the Detective Kim Stone Series

Dangerous is one thing. Deadly is something else.

When Clodagh Shepherd's curiosity gives way to obsession, her thoughts turn to revenge. 

In the wake of her husband's affair and subsequent disappearance, Clo makes an impulsive decision to befriend the beautiful stranger who has stolen her life. Answering an ad for a home help, she moves into the home of her husband's mistress and is immediately drawn into the chilling reality behind the idyllic façade of Hamptons Life. Central to her terrifying nightmare is a deadly secret--a secret someone will kill to keep.

In this dark and twisting thriller, Clo proves the adage 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' with shocking consequences.​​

'A powerful tale that holds you in a tight grip and leaves you feeling bereft when it'sover.' Melanie Preston Lewis, The Book Club

'An engaging, pacy read which keeps the reader guessing.' BookwormReviews, 5 stars

'A stylish beach thriller. Taut and provocative with a flawed but very likable heroine.' Avid Reader, 5 Stars

'Holy cow! What a read! Sun, sea and suspense with a chilling cast of lovers and mistresses. What could be better! Get ready to curl up with this churning, dark mystery.' Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

'A twisted and suspenseful mystery that entangles an unlikely friendship with a murder... Subtly tips its hat to authors such as RuthWare and Paula Hawkins.' Debonair Debs Reviews, 5 stars.

'A bracing, knotty ride, where murder won't rinse clean and plots run deeper than the ocean itself.' Bookishly Bookish, 5 stars




Everyone has secrets.
Some more deadly than others.
"A fiendishly intricate and entertaining work of New Mexico crime. A glimpse through the eyes of four points of view gives this dark page-turner an extra layer as we circle closer and closer to an ice-cold killer."
Some fail. Some never fit in. Some vent a rage against the foulest of humanity.
"Northwest Area Command is bursting with activity as a serial killer is on the loose. A non-stop express ride, frantic, sensitive and utterly refreshing."

Lies hurt. Truth kills.
"Spread thick with winter chill, Stibbe delivers a richly textured, breathtaking novel that gives us an insight into the dark places of the psyche. Some secrets can never be buried."


 If chiller-killer-thrillers and police procedurals are your crime fiction of choice, then these books are for you.

The truth is dead and buried. Or is it?
“A crisp, confident and roundly satisfying novel, the characters simply sparkle with life. This is a meaty police procedural I couldn’t put down.” 

Two best friends. One deadly secret.
​"If there is a crime fan who hasn't discovered the Detective Temeke series yet, go and read them all immediately. I love books with that extra-special something, where the author puts you at every scene and doesn't let go until the last heart-pumping chapter."

 Somewhere in his wife's past lies a secret. A secret someone would kill to keep. 
Is Dai Trandahl indulging in internet drug deals and the services of paid escorts? Or has someone else been using his computer?
This is the final book in the Detective Temeke series.